How does shipping work?

Secure Hemp Products Online Shopping and direct USPS connection

For USA shipments, every order gets a USPS tracking number (free shipping or paid).

Effective January 27, 2019 USPS shipping rates have increased for the common flat rate Priority shipping types that we use. For example: Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $7.25 (2018) to 8.00 (2019), Small Flat Rate Boxes: $7.20 (2018) to $7.90 (2019).

Since we get a volume shipper discount, we pass the savings on to you! Our flat priority shipping fee of $7.00 (2018) is now $7.70 (2019).

We email you at each stage of the order process. The final email includes a tracking number for your shipment. Once you receive the email with the tracking number that means that your order has shipped.

Our local Post Office has a volume shipper drop off deadline at exactly:

  • 3PM (Pacific), Monday – Friday.
  • 12PM (Pacific), Saturday.
  • Closed Sunday

Customer service is our number one priority. If your order is received prior to the above mandatory drop off times, your order will go out the same day. Orders received after these hours will be shipped the next business day.

We cannot ship during USPS Holidays, nor any other day/time the US Post Office is closed such as: 

  • Tuesday, January 1 (New Year’s Day)
  • Monday, January 21 (Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.)
  • Monday, February 18 (President’s Day/Washington’s Birthday)
  • Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)
  • Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day)
  • Monday, September 2 (Labor Day)
  • Monday, October 14 (Columbus Day)
  • Monday, November 11 (Veterans Day)
  • Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day)

Click here for the United States Postal Service Holiday Schedule for 2019

We are not responsible for delays caused by the Post Offices’ own internal processes.

Customer service is our number one priority. Please contact us if your tracking number shows a delay within the Post Office system. Chances are that we can go a lot further with the USPS than you may be able to. Its usually weather conditions that cause delays within their system.

No shipping on Sundays, Federal Holidays, or any other time the US Post Office is closed.

When to contact us if your tracking number shows no movement.

For USA shipments, if there is no movement within the USPS system after 2 days of placing your order, please contact us so that we may attempt to resolve the issue with the US Postal Service.

Examples of no movement are:

  • "your item departed our USPS facility..." (with no reasonable status change)
  • "delayed at a processing center" (with no severe weather issues)
  • "in transit to the destination" (with no reasonable status change)

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