The Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers: CBD without the High.

Industrial Hemp is typically Male and doesn't produce any flowers during its life cycle. Its most often grown outdoors in large outdoor fields where it grows like a wild weed. For most other CBD companies, it’s all about large yields and not the flower.

Hemp Flower

Hemp flower, which are nice sort of "buds" that only Female plants can produce are grown specifically for the purpose of flower. It is also typically done in controlled environments (indoors and outdoors), and always with the goal of producing budding flowers.

Simply put, CBD Purity and Quality is about Genetics.

After all, quality is influenced by how the plant lived: Was it healthy and content? Was it ever given antibiotics or hormones? Was it humanely raised on a farm with sustainable practices? In summary Female hemp plants are nurtured with the goal of a concentrated flower. Male hemp plants are grown with the intent of large amounts of rapidly growing plants that are ultimately harvested for their fiber, not their flower.

The Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers: CBD without the High.

Cannabis strains that contain significant levels of TetraHydroCannabidiol (THC), the cannabinoid responsible for its psychoactive (getting you high) effect, are bred from sativa, indica, and hybrid strains of the cannabis Sativa plant.

However, Hemp separates itself from this group

However, Hemp separates itself from this group due to its very low THC content of 0.3% or less. That’s not enough to get you to feel high at all. Matter of fact, if you smoked a pound of hemp, you would probably just end up with a massive headache.

We grow specific breeds of Female Hemp

We grow specific breeds of female hemp plants (versus wild growing male plants that do not have "flowers" or "buds" so to speak) so it should be clear that our product comes to you from the core ingredient that began in it's most pristine form. Producers like us ship our product to all 50 states under the protection of the Farm Bill. Because the hemp flower we produce and distribute comes from industrial hemp, it is technically legal. On thing to note is that hemp flowers look and smell similar THC cannabis buds, however, our twice distilled process results in a significant reduction in smell and an overall improvement in natural taste.

The flip side of this whole thing is the dangerous form of Synthetic (artificial, lab enhanced, etc) CBD.

CBD has gained an incredible amount of attention over the last few years due to its potential (although still being studied) medical and healing properties. Just like many other industries, some companies are simply trying to increase profits. They market their products as CBD when in reality, they are made with substances that are not derived from a plant. This puts us all at risk. As Michael Bronstein, co-founder of American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp said, “This situation is akin to someone filling drinking bottles with gasoline and selling it under the label of ‘Vodka’.” Nothing beats Nature. Nothing beats Natural Plants. Nothing beats the purity from actual natural plant genetics. Quite some time ago, there were very concerning stories that gained national attention. One involved a fatality and in another story over 50 people got sick after consuming what they thought was CBD. It turned out that the product they had been using was intentionally mislabeled. What was it actually? It was a product containing a synthetic cannabinoid called 4-cyano CUMYL-BUTINACA, or 4-CCB for short. In addition to fatalities and getting people sick, synthetic products labeled as "natural CBD" (and other similar misleading names) de-legitimize all of the true research and development that allows for advancements in this industry as a whole. If Hemp CBD is what you are looking for, make sure it comes from Natural Hemp.